Pretty Princess!

April 3rd, 2013

How precious is this?  This little girl came in to celebrate her 6th birthday last week and we had a ball creating images to celebrate this occasion.  She already looked liked a princess, we just added the crown to complete the look!  So sweet!!!

A Day of Music

March 24th, 2013

Today, I worked for a couple of hours at the solo and ensemble music contests at our high school.  Listening to the music and observing the flurry of activity and excitement among the students took me back to the days that I was involved in these same contests.  The good feelings lasted throughout the day and I cannot wait to attend next year and listen to even more performances from our amazing, talented students!  By the way, my son’s men’s group got a I rating for their rendition of “What do you do with a Drunken Sailer.”  They were wonderful and it was so fun to watch!

Getting Healthy

March 19th, 2013

I recently celebrated my 46th birthday, and for the first time since I can remember, I am starting to feel good.  Let me explain…


I have lived with chronic pain for many, many years.  I was diagnosed with cancer – Hodgkins Lymphoma – almost 17 years ago.  After radiation and chemo, I just figured that my body would never be the same and living with pain was something I was just going to have to deal with.  But looking back, I don’t ever really remember a time when I have not experienced, in my opinion, an abnormal amount of day-to-day pain.  I was constantly plagued with headaches, backaches, general body aches, etc.


Several months ago, I had my hormones tested.  I discovered that my hormones were severely imbalanced.  Cortisol, the hormone that helps us deal with stress, was almost non-existent.  I am sure that these imbalances became worse gradually over time.  They were not helped in any way by my cancer treatment, but they were also affected by a combination of things, including diet, exercise, and also my type A personality, which makes me a perfectionist and perhaps do not always deal with stress as I should.  The official diagnosis of this is called adrenal fatigue.


So, I began taking multiple supplements throughout the day to start countering the effects of my hormone imbalance.  I addition, I had my hair analyzed for toxins and found that my system had many metals (this is not normal) in it.  So, in addition to the supplements I am taking, I added even more supplements to counter these effects.


In the last month, I have added yoga to my routine 3 times/week.  Studies have showed that this tends to be the best  exercise choice for those suffering with adrenal fatigue.


So, the process of getting well has been time-consuming and expensive.  But, I can finally say that there are days when I am not experiencing pain.  I sat at a track meet this last Saturday for 3 hours and wasn’t crippled when getting up to walk afterwards.  My sleep patterns are getting better.  Even though I haven’t lost weight, I feel “lighter” and overall happier.  And as my husband recently said, “If you don’t have your health, then what do you have?”


Being as sick as I was took a long time.  And recovery will take a long time.  But seeing these little changes already has me so excited to see what my future will bring.  The goal is not to stay on all of these supplements forever.  I will need to continue to get tested every few months in the future, but I am so excited now to see what the future holds!


PPI Winter Convention

February 27th, 2013

I had so much and the Professional Photographers of Iowa Winter Convention the beginning of the month!  Members have the opportunity to witness amazing speakers/photographers during this 5-day convention – the best in the country!  I was thrilled when I placed 3rd in the illustrative category!  This print placed a merit that will go towards earning my masters degree with the Professional Photographers of America.

An Angel

February 23rd, 2013

Have you ever seen a more beautiful angel? 🙂  I had so much fun trying some new lighting techniques with this beautiful woman, today!  Cannot wait to work on more amazing images of this special lady!

Engagement Congratulations!

February 17th, 2013

A few years ago, I had the privilege of taking senior pictures of these 2 amazing students.  They possessed beautiful spirit about them.  They were happy, and kind, and just incredible individuals.  This beautiful couple just became engaged and I could not be happier for them and their families!  Blessings to you, Janice & Damian!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Happy Birthday!

January 22nd, 2013

This darling lady is one of the busiest women I have ever met!  She volunteers at multiple venues, including the hospital.  She has a bubbly personality and keeps busy with her bridge friends, working at HyVee, working on her family’s geneology and helping whenever and wherever she is needed.   Happy 80th Birthday, Diane!  Wishing you many blessings in the coming year!  🙂

Merry Christmas!

December 23rd, 2012

What a crazy time this has been!  Wrapping presents, finishing Christmas cards for others, as well as our own, completing last minute portrait gifts….  Whew!  in the midst of a busy season, I want to thank all of you for your interest and support of my business!  From our family to yours, have a most Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Lights

December 14th, 2012

I love Christmas lights!  As much as I like them, one would think that my house would be covered with them this time of year.  Alas, it is not.  I have had enough back/neck/spine issues through the years, therefore I am not getting up on a ladder and on the roof to conquer such a mission.  My husband said to me when we got married, “You aren’t going to be one of those people who wants to put lights on the house, are you?”  I have never pushed the issue – pick and choose your battles, I say.  Tonight, after pointing out a house to my daugher that had the most beautiful lights, she exclaimed, “I am going to have my house COVERED in lights someday!  My house is going to be the house with so many lights, that everyone around will drive past my home, just to see them!”  I look foward to that day!  Until then, I am going to enjoy my tiny pot with spruce tip and twinkling lights outside my door – even just a little Christmas twinkle around my home makes me happy!  🙂

A Little Crush

November 26th, 2012

I witnessed the sweetest moment from a client this weekend.  I am in the process of changing out the art on my studio walls.  One of the most recent portraits to grace my studio is this picture of a beautiful high school senior.  As a four-year old was passing this image on his way out the door this weekend, he leaned over and gave her a big kiss.  It was SO incredibly precious!  While I would like to think in was the beauty of the image that struck this lad, I am more inclined to believe it was the beauty of this senior!  🙂

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