A Little Crush

November 26th, 2012

I witnessed the sweetest moment from a client this weekend.  I am in the process of changing out the art on my studio walls.  One of the most recent portraits to grace my studio is this picture of a beautiful high school senior.  As a four-year old was passing this image on his way out the door this weekend, he leaned over and gave her a big kiss.  It was SO incredibly precious!  While I would like to think in was the beauty of the image that struck this lad, I am more inclined to believe it was the beauty of this senior!  🙂

Tonight, I was reading a post on facebook from a fellow photographer.  She was talking about restoring some old pictures for a client and she brought up a point that I have stressed to my clients before, but deserves attention again.  How many photos have you printed lately?  Are they backed up on a disk or have you even gotten that far?   Computers are known to break down on occasion and I know of more than one person that has completely lost a prized possession that can never be replaced, a piece of their history – their pictures.  Let’s pretend that all of your pictures are off of your computer and safely backed up on disks.  What happens if the disk is corrupt and the files can’t be retrieved?  Or if the files are never printed, what happens when 20 years from now, forms of data storage for a computer have changed and you don’t have the equipment to download the files anymore?  Never underestimate the importance of printing out your pictures.  If at all possible, take time to have your pictures printed for your personal enjoyment and to have something to pass down to your family.  It’s an investment you will never regret making.

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