A Brownie

March 19th, 2017


I was playing around in the studio this week with my Nikon camera.  This is my first attempt, admitted rough, at light painting.  I took a class a couple of weeks ago in Pennsylvania on this topic.  The lighting in this image is done with an led flashlight, a led panel, and modifiers.  Then pieces of individually lit areas are put together in photoshop.  I picked a rather difficult first object to paint with light.  There isn’t a lot of character to the shape of this camera and metal is hard to use this technique on, especially for a beginner.  I wanted see what I could do with this camera for sentimental reasons.  It belonged to my Grandma.  In fact, it still has some long, lost film inside.  I don’t know how to access it and I don’t want to break the camera body.  This technique is new to me and I am making a few goofs, but I am giving it a try.  Anxious to see how my next subject turns out!

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