November 10th, 2013

Where does the time go?  Do you ever feel like you are just rushing from one event to the next event it your life?  I am purposely  trying to take a moment to look around each day and say to myself, “Appreciate this moment, soon it will be gone.”  This is  SO hard to do sometimes, in the midst of working, and laundry, and our kids’ activities…. I remember taking moments like this when my children were young.  I remember rocking our son to sleep when he was a newborn and thinking to myself, “Treasure this moment.”  I am so glad that I took the time to try to burn that memory in my brain.  Now I can recall that particular moment with ease at any given time, even though it is 17 years since that time.  I have practiced this conscious practice throughout the years and finding myself continue this now more than ever.  Our son is a high school junior and in a mere year, he will be gone and pursuing his own dreams.  Our daughter is in eighth grade.  Five years will fly by so fast and then she will take off on her own, just like her brother.  ” Treasure this moment”  will continue to be my mantra in the upcoming days, weeks, and years.  And as the years continue to pass, I can look back and know that I have in fact taken the time to remember that smile, feel that joy, and surround myself in feelings of love.

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